Ugh… What’s for Dinner?

Do you often stare into your fridge around 6 p.m., realizing you…?

  1. Have no idea what to eat
  2. Nothing seems appetizing, and
  3. You’re considering ordering takeout (again)? I get it. Been there!

Feels like you don’t have your $%@# together…

→ But don’t be too hard on yourself – it happens to the best of us. 

→ As annoying as the idea of “meal planning” sounds, this really is the first crucial step toward achieving a sustainable approach in pumping out balanced dinners day after day.  

(Hello, favorite cookbooks on my favorite things).

Planning a good meal doesn’t stop at a recipe.

→ If you want a sustainable (and healthful) dinner planning system that will stand the test of time …

→ Then you have to learn how to create meals that adapt to your busy lifestyle AND follow my three fundamental principles of eating well:

Nutritious, delicious and easy.

This Dinner Planner is for you if…


You’re tired of asking what’s for dinner every night

You feel ready to organize your life – and you know meal planning is part of it

You’re ready to feel better about how you take care of your health.

It's time to shake up the routine you have and try something new!

Overwhelmed? Let’s change that.

  • Listen… Meal planning isn’t rocket science, but it requires effort.
  • Let me share my tried and true systems to save you time and deliver quicker resultsbecause that’s what we all want, isn’t it? 
  • This planner, vetted by my busy clients, guides you through integrating meal planning into your hectic week.
  • It covers the essentials of what constitutes a balanced dinner and helps you create a personalized, successful menu to nourish yourself and your family.
  • I know you won’t be disappointed!
Roasted Broccoli by Marissa Beck, MS, RDN

About the Author

Marissa Beck, MS, RDN, Founder of REVV Health, brings over 14 years of expertise, combining nutrition counseling with health initiatives at giant tech firms and organizations. 

Her focus is simple: helping busy families make food & health an empowering and joyful experience, while preventing and treating chronic illness and disordered eating patterns.

  • Education: Master of Science in nutrition and physiology from Columbia University and a Bachelor of Arts in English & Art History from Tufts University.
  • Professional associations: President-elect of the Washington State Dietetic Association (WSAND), 2023-2024. Member of the International Federation of Eating Disorder Dietitians (IFEDD). 
  • Fun Facts: Marissa is a native New Yawka (and you can still hear her cawfee tawk come out from time to time).  She is an active Peloton & ski enthusiast and has loved exploring the great outdoors here in the PNW!

Read more about REVV Health and Marissa here.


What is included in the dinner planner download?

The download is a comprehensive 15-page eBook designed to guide individuals seeking better meal organization and different ideas. It walks through the process of meal planning, catering specifically to those who struggle with creating balanced and versatile meals each week.

Is the dinner planner customizable?

Most definitely.  This meal planner offers versatile customization options. You can tailor it to your preferences through both digital and paper planning formats. Additionally, it allows for seamless mixing and matching of meal ideas from various categories, giving you the flexibility to create personalized meal plans that suit your tastes and dietary needs perfectly.

How can the dinner planner help me organize my meals?

This dinner planner is designed to streamline your organization process. By providing structured templates and categories, it assists in scheduling and arranging dinners throughout the week aligned with your actual schedule (because we don’t meal plan in a vacuum!).

It helps you plan balanced and versatile meals, categorize grocery categories based on the components you want for balanced dinners, and allocate specific meals to days or times, ensuring a well-organized approach to your weekly eating habits.

Additionally, the planner aids in grocery shopping by consolidating needed ingredients, making meal preparation smoother and more efficient.

Is the dinner planner download free? Is there a catch?

No catch, this is free support! I want to help you organize your life and make planning dinners feel easier.

The download is completely free of charge, aiming to assist you in simplifying meal organization, providing valuable guidance without any cost.

Additionally, you’ll be added to my email list for continued free support to help level up your nutrition and health.

Can I share the dinner planner in my workplace or in a group?

Yes, you can share the meal planner with others after obtaining permission. Feel free to share this download page, allowing others to access it directly. However, please note that the meal planner is for personal use only and cannot be resold or redistributed without explicit permission. For direct downloads, you can guide individuals to visit this link to access the planner.

Are there updates or additional resources available for the dinner planner in the future?

Yes – updates and supplementary resources will be periodically provided for this meal planner. Anyone who has downloaded this version will have access to these future updates, ensuring continuous improvements and additional resources to enhance your meal planning experience.

Is there customer support available for questions related to the meal planner?

You bet there is!  Once you download the planner you have instant access to the newsletter community and a direct line of communication with me! I am happy to answer any of your questions 🙂 

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