Working with Marissa Beck at REVV Health was a superb experience. She is professional and organized. She was also responsive and considerate to her audience, tailored her presentation to the needs of our group, and knowledgeable as well as passionate about her nutrition and healthy eating choices. I would highly recommend her and hope our group can partner with her again for future educational engagements..”
— Marcy Park, NYHS Instructor

“Marissa is amazing. She is empathetic to all the realities of life when it comes to eating in any stage of life. I found her in conversation about my weight struggles for menopause. She said she had tools and I said YES PLEASE. My biggest fear was moving from a M to a L in my shorts. After hiring her, I actually love and have confidence in my body at any size.”
— Angela H.

“Working with you has been extremely helpful to be put on the right path. Snacking, oh my!  You gave my family mini game changers that are very impactful to our life, I am so grateful that.”
— Gwen D.

“The kids are so excited [to help me in the kitchen with meal prep]. Thank you so much.”
— Lauren K.

“Marissa is one of the most positive, uplifting people I have ever met. She is helping me change my relationship with food, and it’s really changed my outlook not only on diet, but on how I approach everyday struggles. She’s taught me to celebrate the little victories and that small changes go a long way. I would highly recommend Marissa’s services to anyone who is looking to make a positive change to their eating habits and overall wellbeing.”
— Nicole M.

“I want to message you personally to say thank you so much for all you’ve done. When I started nutrition counseling with you, I was at a time where I was so unhappy with my body and dissatisfied with how I felt. Through education, warmth, and good humor, you helped me create a healthier relationship with food and with myself, and even inspired me to maybe pursue nutrition as a career option in my future! All that is to say, please never underestimate the importance of your work.” — Lizzi B.

“You really have a talent to bring nutrition education into a format that is easy to understand and motivates me to try to hit tricky goals, like fiber, that I’d otherwise not think about. I really appreciate your down to earth, no fuss advice!” — Daisy P.

“Marissa, thank you for all the guidance, encouragement, cooking and health resources, and so much more! A special thanks for joining many of our district conference calls and speaking on a variety of subjects and answering our questions.” — Rita W.

“Marissa helped my son eat vegetables. He never, and I mean never, wanted to look at a vegetable let alone eat one.” — Evan D. 

“Thank you so much for everything you have done at NOA, Marissa! I learned a lot from you over the years. I’ll continue to follow your instructions to eat well and healthily. I wish you all the best in your next adventure!” — Maki H.

“You’ve been a big big big part in improving my routines over the years, thank you!” – Hideki S.

When I first came in to see Marissa about a year ago, my goal was to lose weight and lower cholesterol. I did not expect my whole outlook about food could be changed but somehow this happened. I learned how to stop bingeing and didn’t realize how much this was driving everything. I also learned how to stop getting into the patterns of restriction and self-sabotage… I don’t focus on my weight nearly as often, and I feel better in my body. Better labs.  So all around I feel like I have healed myself in an unexpected way!” — Jessica W.

“Marissa was recommended to me by a therapist I trust and have worked with for years. I was afraid I had so many diet restrictions that Marissa wouldn’t be able to help me.  This turned out to be unfounded.  She provided so many options that I never feel deprived and realize there are many foods I can eat. Marissa is the most knowledgeable dietitian I’ve ever worked with.  She knows EVERYTHING about nutrition and food!  Marissa is smart, compassionate, and dedicated to helping people with a range of nutrition issues, including eating disorders. Intuitive Eating has changed my life, and I would never have been able to do it without Marissa!  I can’t thank her enough.” — Holly K.

“I knew you would be so well researched and able to break down the science and how it all works – it helps so much to understand what is going on in my body so I can visualize the process. Thank you again.” — Tara B.

“Thank you so much, Marissa! I feel hopeful and excited about this and about trying to eat healthy for the first time in a long time. You are so kind and knowledgeable and I really felt heard. I’m definitely going to add in these things 😃 Thrilled to be a part of the program.” — Mary M.

“Thank you for giving me the confidence, Marissa, that I need to remember who I am and to keep going with this. I really appreciate our time together and work.” — Justin P.

“I don’t have stomach pain any more [for IBS]. You have changed my life. I cannot thank you enough.”
— Ai N.

“Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for me; I have appreciated your advice and guidance for these last several months, and through this, feel that I am in a much better place than I was before.”
— Tracy C.

“Marissa!! You’ve taught me so much about nutrition and made me happier and healthier over the years. I’m in a much better place because of your coaching program and monthly check-ins. Thank you!”
— Davis K.

“Working with Marissa was really helpful for me but also for my family. I felt like she really listened to all of our concerns and helped us figure out how to make it easier to eat better. I also appreciated how creative she was when it came to helping my daughter with her soccer schedule and sports nutrition needs.” — Yuki F.

“Marissa is one of the most engaging and dynamic presenters I have ever listened to. I find her really relatable and the information is easy to understand even though it seems like it is complex. Highly recommend her stuff!” — Ben R.

“Marissa, you’ve been a huge source of information, support, and inspiration for me and so many others trying to take better care of our health. I have no doubt that, with your skills, kindness, and professionalism, you’ll do great in your new adventure! I wish you all the best! Thanks for everything you do!” – Mariana D.

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